Cyber security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) impact on engineering

Just as with a risk analysis for the process, the risk analysis for IACS cyber security has an impact on the engineering and design of the IACS. This can vary from additional engineering effort to purchasing specific equipment or software.

The risk analysis for cyber security also has an impact on the systems surrounding the IACS. Like Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, historian servers and remote access servers. This equipment requires specific network segmentation and placing of network components, such as switches and firewalls. Also physical access control systems have to be taken into account. Think about who has physical access to the control room, the engineering stations or cabinets that house the IACS. This is all part of cybersecurity.

When engineers from Bilfinger Tebodin do the engineering in a project, they have to take into account the extra recommendations from the earlier conducted risk assessment. These can have impact on different parts of the engineering package, not only the hardware specification of the IACS. E.g., specifying special locks for the door of the control room or specific fail safe design of certain control loops.

Communication is key

The systems are usually build by a system integrator or IACS vendor, communication about what is required for cyber security is key. All required aspects have to be monitored and discussed. Tests have to be done to show system validity and that it can withstand certain attacks and breaches. If the system is installed on site, the design and engineering drawings and specifications have to be checked against the installation on site. This has to be integrated into the commissioning phase. Bilfinger Tebodin can collaborate with Bilfinger GreyLogix, a system integrator, to engineer and supply an IACS with the required cyber security measures and test them.

Cyber security of IACS will continue to get a bigger role in the future. Bilfinger Tebodin can provide the engineering required and collaborate with Bilfinger Greylogix to engineer and design a complete IACS with cyber security in place. So if a cybersecurity breach appears, the system will be able to detect it and procedures set in place will make sure you will be up and running in less time, then if you were to be hacked by surprise.

About the author

Jeroen van Hardeveld is an instrumentation and process control engineer at Bilfinger Tebodin for the last 7 years, with a background in electrical engineering. He is specialized in functional safety and is a TÜV certified safety engineer. Currently, Jeroen is focusing on and specializing in cyber security for IACS.

Аuthor: Jeroen van Hardeveld