Creative juggling in times of crisis – consultancy management to the test!

When a crisis like COVID-19 occurs, you are confronted with the unknown. You didn’t think it would come to the moment that the crisis was knocking at your door, and suddenly your business is submerged into a complete new world with parameters yet to be discovered. What does your team of consultants do? They look at you for direction. They expect you to be the anchor in this storm.

The intensity of the crisis exponentially increases, faster than you would normally be able to react to. From now on, high agility, resilience and creative thinking are the key to success! So, what do you do - being the management team of a consultancy division? Exactly, you pick yourself up and make this new unknown situation work! But… where do you start?

Here are some insights from Bilfinger Tebodin Consultancy management team, on how they responded when the COVID-19 knocked at our door. Click on the image below to read. Let it be of help to you!


  • Ad Broeren
  • Roel Bottenberg
  • Wouter van den Ham
  • Denise Harkema
  • Peter Coort
  • Jan Gerrit Grooters
  • Nienke Tigchelaar
  • Monique Overbosch