Covid-19 and ventilation in schools

'Hey Marco, you work at Tebodin, right?' - a friend calls me on a Saturday afternoon in May.
'Yes, indeed. Nowadays it’s called Bilfinger Tebodin Netherlands. Quite a mouthful. Hahaha.'
'Nice, uh…You’re from ventilation there, aren’t you?'
'Uhhh, that’s about right.'
'Then I have a question for you…'

You should know that my friend normally works as a teacher at a practical school. It has been closed for a long time because of the Corona crisis. However, because of the latest relaxations in the Netherlands, her school has reopened in June. The school board follows the guidelines of the government, the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the Sector Council for Practical Education, as laid down in the ‘service document for starting practical and vocational education.’ Both the government and RIVM set conditions for working safely and responsibly, but are not always transparent on what exactly these are based.

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Author: Marco Vink

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