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Successful LEED certification for Coca-Cola bottling in Qatar

January 30, 2018

Tebodin in Bahrain successfully obtained LEED certification for Coca-Cola’s bottling plant in Qatar. During the major industrial project execution, many innovative energy efficient and environmental friendly ideas were implemented during the design and construction phase. Waste water treatment, reuse of process waste water, heat recovery methods, outdoor air monitoring devices to ensure quality of fresh air, Co2 monitoring, etc. were some of the methods used. Energy efficient lighting and motors were installed.

The whole building energy simulation was done and the project has achieved an energy cost saving of 12.3%. The project could bag 4 points in regional priority credits in heat island effect, water efficient landscaping, innovative wastewater technologies, and water use reduction.

We are aiming for LEED Silver certification for another  Coca-Cola project in Sudair, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.