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Water Bearer to Sharjah

Water Bearer to Sharjah

In the United Arab Emirates, water is at least as precious as oil and gas. That is why utility company SEWA engages specialists to help improve and expand its water network.

On June 1, 2015, Tebodin received a token of appreciation from Dr Rashid Al Leem, chairman of the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), in recognition of the valuable contribution to their water network over many years.

Better still, SEWA just awarded a new project to Tebodin. In order to increase its capacity, a new pipeline needs to be constructed from one side of the Sharjah creek to the other. Tebodin has been asked to investigate the various construction methodologies as well as the cost impact. Besides, it will also study the possibilities of rehabilitating two of the existing pipelines under the creek in Sharjah. Based on the outcome of the study, Tebodin will then design, tender and supervise the work.
Director Engineering Mr. Muntasser Al Hashimi (in picture 2nd from left) is enthusiastic. ‘This project is particularly challenging because of the limited space that is available to us. The type of technology we decide to use will be critical.’
From the kick-off late September, the project is scheduled to be completed within a year.

Published in Tebodin World, issue October 2015

Dr. Rashid Al Leem of SEWA (center right), hands out a token of appreciation to Mr. Ronald Konings from Tebodin (center left).