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Efficiency in fuel logistics for OLC

Efficiency in fuel logistics for OLC

Recently, Tebodin has been appointed as project management consultant for a pipeline and tank terminal project called the Muscat-Sohar Pipelines Project (MSPP) for Orpic logistics (OLC). In the National Oman Daily Observer of June 10 the project has been billed as ‘indispensable to securing Oman’s fuel requirements in the event of contingencies in supply’.

MSPP has been developed to reduce the need for heavy transportation of petroleum products and to increase overall efficiency of fuel transportation in Oman. It is expected that fuel-tank truck transportation in and around Muscat will be reduced by approximately 70% after the project is completed.

Muscat-Sohar pipelines project
Orpic closed an engineering,procurement & construction management (EPC) contract with Tebodin for 3 pipelines (220km, 40km and 30km) and a tank terminal to connect the two main refineries in Oman in Sohar and Muscat for transmission of hydrocarbons (gasoline, jet-fuel, and diesel) to a new tank terminal at Jifnain near Muscat and from this terminal to Muscat International Airport. The new Jifnain tank terminal will consist of 14 above-ground tanks, three pipeline pig launcher/receiver stations, loading gantries for road tankers, pumps, manifolds, metering skids, and all related facilities, control room, buildings and infrastructure. This project is seen its size considered the first of its kind in Oman.

Scope of work
The EPC contractor has subcontracted much of the scope, for which Tebodin takes the responsibility for the overall interface management to safeguard quality, schedule and budget. Together with the rest of the project management office team, Tebodin is challenging the FEED so as to keep overall costs within set limits without any commitments to quality and schedule. The total volume of work is estimated at around 100,000 manhours over a period of 2,5 to 3 years. A section of the team has been temporarily based at the premises of one of the engineering subcontractors in Madrid, Spain. Created through the integration of two companies, OLC is a 60/40% joint venture between Orpic (Oman Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company) and Spanish CLH (Compania Logistica de Hidrocarburos). Orpic is one of Oman’s largest companies and is one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the Middle East’s oil industry.

Several projects for Orpic
Tebodin’s Project Manager, Mr. Sebastian John: ’Tebodin faced some fierce competition in the bidding round of the open tender and was awarded the contract on technical and commercial grounds.’ Prior to this project, Tebodin executed several projects for Orpic in Sohar and Muscat and has a service contract to provide engineering services that will be re-tendered in 2016. Tebodin is currently bidding for more projects with Orpic and OLC, including another contract for projects in Salalah in south Oman.


Published in Tebodin World, issue July 2015