Property – buildings with diverse intentions

A building can be designed and constructed with different intentions: functional, green, to grab people’s attention or blend in with the environment. However, they have one thing in common: all buildings are made for people - for working or living. Today’s buildings are designed in a way that the environment in which they are built is not affected, or even better, is enhanced. This also affects the property development process; sustainability and durability are more important than ever.

Wide range of building types

The property sector consists of a wide range of building types: from offices, laboratories, data- and retail centers to hotels and shopping malls. We combine experienced design and engineering capabilities with effective project management skills, using the methodologies such as LEED/BREEAM to reach clients’ sustainable goals. Their biggest challenge is to match sustainable design and safe construction with local legislation.

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Jan Zyborski

Jan Zyborski

PMC Director
Central & Eastern Europe

Phone: +48 697 70 46 44

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