Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM)

Norgron Sappermeer
Sappermeer, Norg, the Netherlands

NAM initiated the Norgron Development program to establish a connection between the NORG gas storage and the GRONingen gas field in the north of the Netherlands. The project consisted of a 30 km 48” gas pipeline between the existing locations Norg and OV-Sappemeer. In comparison, a 48” pipeline is more than 40” bigger than the average. Additionally a 4” gas condensate pipeline was co-laid over a distance of 8 km between the Norg facility and Vries-4.

Bilfinger Tebodin was awarded the contract for the full engineering works of the Norgron development program. The scope of work consisted of the basic and detailed engineering of both pipelines and 4 permanent scrapertraps together with providing technical input for all necessary permits and approval of all public and private parties involved.

Due to changing boundary conditions the scope of the project had to be changed several times during the project, requiring a high level of flexibility from the Bilfinger Tebodin project team.

Pipe-in-pipe solution restores oil production
Schoonebeek, the Netherlands

Leakage caused by internal corrosion of a production water pipeline stopped the production of NAM’s Schoonebeek oilfield. aQuaintance resolved this problem by delivering a flexible pipe-in-pipe solution. The pipe-in-pipe construction reduced reparation time of the pipeline to an absolute minimum. The construction and the use of the flexible composite pipe are unique for the Netherlands.
Bilfinger Tebodin as part of aQuaintance (a partnership between Engie, A. Hak and Bilfinger Tebodin) provided the engineering and management of the project, which has involved a lot of testing of the work method to ensure it held up against the high standards of NAM.

The pipe-in-pipe solution provides a quicker and cost effective solution for the replacement of outdated pipes and causes minimal impact on the environment. The construction is suitable for high pressure, water, oil and gas pipelines.