Pipelines & Infrastructure solutions

Looking for infrastructure & pipeline solutions in oil pipelines, gas transportation (CO2, hydrogen, natural gas, etc.), district heating and cooling, onshore pipelines, or offshore pipelines? Contact our infrastructure & pipeline engineers for consultancy and support. We provide high-end pipeline solutions for complex projects within the transportation industry. Throughout the lifecycle: from conceptual to asset management, including consultancy. Interested in how our pipeline infrastructure company could help you? Read more or get in touch!

Get ready for the future with our pipeline & infrastructure solutions 

The hottest trend in the market right now is the energy transition. Together, we’re working toward a more sustainable world, for nature, for people, and for animals. Industry and utility companies have a considerable stake in a more sustainable world, but the road is long and sometimes complex. Bilfinger Tebodin consultants and engineers are your partners when it comes to overcoming these major challenges. One of those challenges is modifying infrastructure and pipelines. In many cases, the transportation network needs to be modified to allow resources such as CO2 and hydrogen to be moved from A to B. We are ready to work with you to identify the most innovative infrastructure & pipeline solutions.

Infrastructure & pipeline solutions for seven focus areas 

Our consultants and engineers always offer the most innovative, integrated, and sustainable solutions. In conceiving our solutions, we always take into account local conditions, both above ground and below. And it goes without saying that safety, efficiency, and cost efficiency are foremost priorities.

We offer pipeline & infrastructure solutions for seven focus areas:

  • District heating and cooling
  • Hydrogen and CO2 networks
  • High-voltage transmission
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemicals
  • Water
  • Infrastructure at industrial projects and local municipalities

Why choose infrastructure & pipeline solutions from Bilfinger Tebodin?  

With our infrastructure & pipeline solutions, we always aim to be pioneers. We seek to go the extra mile and to conceive solutions that might not always be obvious. Additionally, we are closely involved with compilation of the pipeline standard NEN 3650 series and undertake research and investigations on behalf of the Dutch government. To this end, we draw on all of the knowledge and experience that we have amassed in your market. Bilfinger Tebodin is widely seen as a market leader within the infrastructure & pipelines market.

Using our wide-ranging yet specific expertise, we are flexible partner for clients in both the public and private sector. In addition, we regularly act as an intermediary between stakeholders. With our versatility, knowledge of regional conditions, and expertise in both technology and project work, we have completed a divergent range of sustainable projects around the globe in the past ten years.

Looking for innovative  infrastructure and pipeline solutions? Our experienced consultants and engineers would be happy to work with you to identify a solution. Please get in touch today.


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Hildo van der Heden

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Oksana Cherinko

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District heating & cooling

Heating and cooling of cities, districts, industrial plants and buildings are major energy consumers, responsible for a significant fraction of the worldwide Green House Gas emissions. Cost awareness and environmental concerns have triggered the development, installation and operation of more sustainable thermal energy systems. 

Bilfinger Tebodin’s engineers and consultants help public and private network operators to cope with these challenges. Our service offering ranges from stakeholder management, environmental impact and trajectory studies to pipeline design, heat exchange, use of residual heat, heat buffers but also project- and construction management services on behalf of the client.

*according to ENR ranking in 2022.