Pipelines & Infrastructure

The Pipelines & Infrastructure specialists of Bilfinger Tebodin deliver high-end services for complex projects related to transportation, including on- and offshore pipelines, energy networks, traffic systems and the development of industrial sites.

Based on our widespread and specific knowledge we are a flexible partner for clients in the public and private sector or serve as an intermediate in between the stakeholders. Our versatility, knowledge of regional circumstances and expertise in both technology and project based work enabled us to successfully complete a wide variety of (sustainable) projects in the last decade.

Thanks to the internal organization of Bilfinger Tebodin we are well equipped to perform multidisciplinary projects domestically or in foreign countries mainly in Europe. In the coming years we will continue our search for challenges and opportunities to offer integrated, sustainable solutions based on available know-how and the latest developments. 

Our employees offer intelligent integrated sustainable solutions considering local conditions for infrastructure both above and underground. 

The following five focus areas can be distinguished:

  • Pipelines Offshore
  • Pipelines Onshore
  • Integrated (sub)surface solutions
  • Infrastructure at industrial projects
  • Infrastructure at traffic and roads


Hildo van der Heden

Oksana Cherinko

District heating & cooling

Heating and cooling of cities, districts, industrial plants and buildings are major energy consumers, responsible for a significant fraction of the worldwide Green House Gas emissions. Cost awareness and environmental concerns have triggered the development, installation and operation of more sustainable thermal energy systems. 

Bilfinger Tebodin’s engineers and consultants help public and private network operators to cope with these challenges. Our service offering ranges from stakeholder management, environmental impact and trajectory studies to pipeline design, heat exchange, use of residual heat, heat buffers but also project- and construction management services on behalf of the client.