Oil and gas - a changing industry

Projects in the oil and gas industry require rigorous standards for safety, quality, health and environment. At the same time, the industry is undertaking serious efforts to optimize exploration and production locations. Also globalization continues to be an increasing factor in the decision making of our clients.

Demands on oil and gas consultancy and engineering

The industry now puts greater effort into extracting the last barrels of a reservoir and fighting efficiency losses in its aging infrastructure. New technologies are applied. At the same time, interconnections and storage facilities are enlarged to provide greater flexibility in meeting energy demands. The industry’s cost effectiveness has become a focal point. As a result, the size and complexity of projects has grown and demands on oil and gas engineering and consultancy have intensified.

Over the years, our consultants and engineers have built up a wealth of experience and know-how in the oil and gas industry. We provide services for many market leaders in exploration and production, transport, storage, refining and retail.

Many successful projects demonstrate our competence in:

  • Conceptual engineering and technical consultancy
  • Pre-FEED and FEED engineering and design
  • Integrated EPCm services

LNG as developing market

In the LNG market, multipurpose terminals and LNG bunkering solutions are upcoming worldwide. LNG markets experience increasing regulatory and sustainability demands, which create new opportunities for producers and distributors. Our consultants and engineers develop smart and innovative solutions. This way we help you keep up with the fast moving developments.

Transition to multipurpose terminals

Changing political situations in Europe and the rest of the world continue to be of subsequent influence on the developments in the market for LNG. Flexibility is key, while maintaining high quality and safety standards. The investments in terminals are vast, therefore ‘first time right, with flawless design’ is very important.

We help you with all your engineering demands and with our network we offer a complete range of services. Our experience, consulting and engineering expertise assure quality and safety. We make your ideas work. From increasing capacity to the full transition to a multipurpose – energy efficient and sustainable - terminal. Bilfinger Tebodin engineers are experts in gas and they will be your partner in all smart engineering solutions for LNG import terminals.

1. Safety equipment
In case of emergencies, safety equipment ensures se-escalation of the situation to minimize damage to equipment, environment and people

2. Boil Off Gas (BOG)
Heat input cannot be avoided, therefor proper BOG is needed to meet specific terminal requirements. Either for continuous or discontinuous processing of BOG

3. Truck loading
Export of LNG via trucks as well as fueling of trucks can be implemented in any terminal design

4. Compressors / Vaporizers
Vaporizers regasify LNG to be uses as gas for local or national grid. Compressors uses to be increase pressure of BOG for send out to grid or reliquefaction.

5. Liquefied Natural Gas
LNG stored at near atmospheric pressure in large tanks. Bullets are uses for smaller capacities and to store LNG at higher pressures.

6. Pumping
In-tank pumps uses to supply either high-pressure LNG pumps for grid applications or transport to dispensing locations on site.

7. Piping
Piping to transport LNG is insulated and always kept cold by recirculation of LNG through all major LNG lines.

8. Jetty
For import or export of LNG via waterways via large and small LNG vessels.

Turnkey solutions for the LNG bunkering market

Flexible and cost efficient modular system

Using environmental friendly fuels will make the world a better place. Emissions have to be reduced to slow down global warming. Exhaust from LNG fueled ships or trucks contains far less damaging particulates. The transition to LNG as an important transport fuel and the building of LNG fueling terminals are complicated decisions with large financial consequences.

Therefore we use a flexible and cost efficient modular system to meet all demands in LNG bunkering. Better solutions for enlarging capacity, adding functionality or to build completely new terminals with maximal flexibility for the asset owner. The modules are smart, cost efficient and the deployment has minimal impact on running operations.

Our experience, consulting and engineering expertise assure quality and safety. The modular system enables us to provide LNG solutions from idea to realization, from plan to permits, from assignment to commissioning. That’s how we make your ideas work. Bilfinger Tebodin engineers are experts in LNG and they will be your partner in all smart engineering solutions for LNG terminals.


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