Hygienic Design

Within the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry, hygienic design is a very important aspect. Hygienic design of machines and equipment for food industry differs from conventional design in that hygienic aspects have to be integrated with the usual design aspects to achieve good overall design results. 

With the Hygienic Design Scan Bilfinger Tebodin is able to assess compliance of (a part of) a process installation with respect to the best available techniques and standards. The scan is an in-house developed tool based on the practical experience of Bilfinger Tebodin food experts as well as knowledge on governing hygienic design standards. In a short period of time Bilfinger Tebodin experts will review your installation, focusing on the hygienic aspects. 

The findings are summarized in a pragmatic report with practical recommendations. All findings are listed in a clear overview. Each item is accompanied with a picture of the current situation and a short description of the issue. With a traffic light indicator it is shown whether an issue is in good order, an item needs improvement, or direct action is required. 

Recommendations may have impact on organizational, technical and/or maintenance aspects of your operations. The goal of the recommendations is to improve your facility on hygienic design. Bilfinger Tebodin staff is trained with the latest EHEDG guidelines to intrinsically implement food safety in the design of machines and installations.