Food & beverage industry – sustainable products

A growing world population increases strain on resources. Because of this, people become more conscious of the products they consume. Companies in the food and beverage industry have been innovating to produce more sustainable products. The agriculture industry shows the same trend; a market in which sustainable developments are moving quickly.

Skilled engineers and consultants for operational excellence

Our consultants and engineers help you design more efficient production facilities with respect for the environment, hygienic design and safety, and are sustainability shaping the industry. These three elements are the key factors in your plant design and construction. Bilfinger Tebodin achieves all three factors by applying the latest techniques and GMP and EHEDG standards. The industry is diverse and a frontrunner in both production and innovation. Operational excellence and compliance are becoming more and more important.

To get help from our food specialists, please contact us. Together we will work on sustainable and innovative solutions for your company.


Aart-Jan Smit

Aart-Jan Smit

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Maja Vrcelj

Maja Vrcelj

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