Energy – transition towards a more efficient and sustainable usage

The demand for energy continues to grow, fueled by a global economic growth. This puts pressure on companies that are aware of the need to transition to a more efficient and sustainable energy usage resulting in a lower carbon footprint. How to make your facility more energy efficient? How to switch to renewable energy? Our energy (efficiency) specialists are eager to support you with these questions. 

Sustainable energy solutions

The future energy market will be different to the one of today; more production driven instead of demand driven, more electric and no fossil fuels eventually. How do we design our grids? We have the knowledge to support the network operators to further develop their electrical grids. In the future heat networks will play a large role replacing gas in the built environment. We also believe that green hydrogen will become relevant for the industry, but also in the transportation sector. In the upcoming transition period, the usage of Carbon Capture and Storage will be a necessity, needed to meet all your goals. Finding useful applications for this carbon is the next challenge.

We support our clients in a wide range of projects with cost-effective, efficient, high-quality solutions. Projects range from power generation, energy integration, heat recovery, CCU/S, transmission and distribution. We design pilot plants, greenfield facilities, and associated infrastructure, as well as assist our clients to expand capacity or extend the life of existing assets and plants.

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René de Schutter

René de Schutter

Business Development Manager Energy & Environment

Phone: +31 6 50 26 66 34

Martin Dittrich

Martin Dittrich

Energy Transition Leader in CEE

Phone: +420 724 518 622