Engineering, Procurement and Construction management for a plant for production of 2nd generation bio-ethanol from agricultural residues

Craiova, Romania

Bilfinger Tebodin is providing EPCm services for a commercial-scale plant for the production of 2nd generation bio-ethanol from agricultural residues. The new plant is built by Clariant, a focused, sustainable and innovative specialty chemical company, in the Craiova region of Romania. When in operation, the plant will be confirming competitiveness and sustainability of the Clariant  sunliquid® technology at commercial scale.

When fully operational, the plant will process around 250,000 tons of locally sourced wheat straw per year into 50,000 tons of cellulosic ethanol annually, which will be sourced from farmers within the region. The straw is converted into cellulosic sugars followed by fermentation of cellulosic sugars to cellulosic ethanol. The waste stream from the process (lignin) will be used for the generation of renewable energy in a combined heat and power plant (CHP) with the goal of making the plant independent from fossil energy sources. Therefore, the resulting cellulosic ethanol is an almost carbon neutral advanced biofuel.

On behalf of Clariant, Bilfinger Tebodin provides the complete EPCM scope (engineering, procurement, construction and project management) utilizing the force of an international team of colleagues based in the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine. Bilfinger Tebodin was in charge of overall planning, engineering, contracting, site management and supervision of the bioethanol plant. After completing the construction and starting commissioning in October 2021, we keep supporting Clariant to further manage the commissioning and start-up stage.

Photo credit: Clariant

Video credit: Clariant