An overview of the Russian chemical sector

In cooperation with the Netherlands Embassy in Russia, we have prepared an analytical overview of the Russian chemical industry, which is considered as one of the growing production industries. This market overview is based on the information needs of the Dutch chemical sector as indicated by the Embassy.

The report includes data on the leading sectors of the Russian chemical industry. Leading players in the main subsectors and tendencies in the domestic market in comparison with foreign trends have been identified. It also covers the subindustries which will develop over the coming few years: petrochemicals, gas processing, fertilizers, polymers and plastics, biofuels, technical rubber, ammonia, motor oil and industrial gases. Each of these sectors has the potential and at the same time faces the challenges, that Russian and foreign entrepreneurs will have to overcome in the near future.

Expected foreign investment
In 2017, the production of Russian chemical industry reached 3,600 billion rubles; its share in the country's GDP was 3.7%, and the total output of chemicals increased by 4.3% compared to the previous year. (Source: The Russian Chemists Union).

It is expected that foreign investment will strongly focus on Russian chemical industry in the coming years. Tatyana Efimova, Business Development Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin: ‘We have noticed the special interest of foreign investors in the specialty chemicals industry. Specialty chemicals is an extensive group of products that include construction chemistry, household chemicals, pigments and dyes, additives, catalysts, inhibitors, flavors and other substances that are classified by their functional use, rather than by chemical composition. The growth of consumption of these chemicals in Russia, as well as the government's policy of import substitution, makes some specialty chemicals producers consider the possibility of localizing production in Russia.’

Method of analyses
The analysis is based on the data from open sources (such as official websites of ministries, companies and specialized publications, research of consulting agencies). It is a compilation of valuable market information; the document solves the problem of facilitating the orientation of foreign investors and suppliers of technological equipment in the realities of the Russian market.

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A market study report, elaborated in close cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Russia

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