(Petro)chemicals – drive towards specialties and life sciences

The (petro)chemical industry is sizeable, internationally oriented, and increasingly focusing on products with a higher added value. In the last decades, many chemical sites have developed, from single-user to multi-user parks. The main trends in the chemical industry are globalization, circular economy, sustainability and digitalization. But also the development of new business models to arrive at strategic agility, the delivering of solutions and products and to complement operational excellence and business process automation.

Our experience in chemical industry

The chemical industry has always been one of Bilfinger Tebodin’s core markets. We have executed numerous consulting and engineering projects for various clients. Many of the multinationals from the West move to other parts of the world to start production closer to the markets that they serve. Simultaneously, we see a movement to start production close to the feedstock source. Whatever the reason for relocation, many of these companies have chosen Bilfinger Tebodin to accompany them.

The petrochemical industry

Because of the wide range of markets Bilfinger Tebodin is working in, we can provide excellent services in overlapping markets. The petrochemical industry is one of those markets. Here the chemical market and the oil & gas market come together. The expertise of both petrochemical and chemical engineers is needed to develop innovative solutions.

Chemical industry consulting is in high demand. Are you also looking for chemical or petrochemical engineers to innovate and to help you how to act on developments innovate? Contact us!


*according to ENR ranking in 2020