(Petro)chemicals engineering consulting

Want to construct a new plant or optimize an existing plant? Our consultants in the (petro)chemicals market would be happy to advise and support you. The chemicals industry has long been one of our key markets. We have undertaken numerous consulting and engineering projects for a divergent range of international clients. Are you interested in joining dozens of other companies in your market who have outsourced their consultancy and engineering projects? Read on to discover what we could do for you.

Key trend in the chemicals industry: sustainable production 

The (petro)chemicals industry is a large, internationally oriented industry. Key trends in the industry and globalization, digitization, the circular economy, and sustainability. There is increasing focus within the industry on the sustainable supply chain, products with greater added value, and reduced waste production. At Bilfinger Tebodin, sustainability and the circular economy are high on the agenda.

How can we jointly work toward a more efficient production process, more sustainable products, and an innovative energy transition? Our chemicals engineers and consultants engage in collaborative thinking to identify solutions that can make your plant future-proof (and safe!). We can provide environmental effect reports and support you in the energy transition, all with one simple goal: a better world for people, for animals, and for nature. 

Safety and compliance consultants 

Our chemicals engineers and consultants can also help with process integrity and safety. With this service, you can be certain that processes are safe and that they satisfy all rules and regulations applicable in the chemicals industry. Additionally, our consultants in our performance and compliance management department verify that systems are still consistent with your permits. More importantly, at Bilfinger Tebodin, we have the expertise when it comes to industry rules and regulations, plus we are always fully up to date on changes in your market.

Why choose (petro)chemicals engineers and consultants from Bilfinger Tebodin? 

Many (petro)chemicals companies choose to work with us because we are able to offer consultancy and engineering under one roof. Plus, with 1350 staff members, we have ample resources at our disposal. We have all of the disciplines we need in house to enable us to realize assets in the (petro)chemicals industry. This means that we deploy several experts to each project to ensure that we conceive the most innovative and sustainable solutions. From consultancy to engineering: our consultants and engineers support you throughout the lifecycle of your assets.

Looking for a consultancy and engineering company? 

Looking for chemicals engineers and consultants in the chemicals market? We’d be happy to work with you. By working together, we’re sure to find the most optimal engineering solutions. Please get in touch!


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