Unless expressly authorized by Bilfinger Tebodin to use this private computer network you MUST disconnect immediately. By continuing to use the system you agree to comply with the mandatory Bilfinger Tebodin Acceptable Use Standard. All new users must read this Standard prior to using the system. 

Bilfinger Tebodin information systems are provided for business use. Bilfinger Tebodin monitors the use of these systems to detect and investigate unlawful activities or unacceptable use. By continuing to use the system you expressly consent to monitoring of your use and any internal and external communications by and to you. This includes communications marked as personal or private and any information created or stored on the system or accessed via the system.

The provision of normal business services by service providers may require the transfer of sensitive personal information to Bilfinger Tebodin companies or other third parties. This may include transfers to countries who have not been assessed by the EU Commission as providing an adequate level of protection for personal information. Bilfinger Tebodin requires parties who process personal information on behalf of Bilfinger Tebodin to have in place adequate security measures to protect this information.

Further detail can be found in the Privacy Protection Standard which applies to all Bilfinger Tebodin wholly owned companies and sole operated joint ventures.