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Building goes sustainable in Ukraine

Building goes sustainable in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the commercial building sector seeing investments where sustainable design is a must. Tebodin is one of the pioneers offering green building design and consultancy services.

Sustainable construction in Ukraine is still in its infancy. At year-end 2014 there were no ready BREEAM certified buildings, and only one certified according to LEED. Meanwhile, the current political crisis has all but snuffed out economic activity in many sectors. The commercial property sector, however, is relatively resilient, especially in large cities like Kiev and Lviv.

The green shift
International clients have new projects and apply their own corporate sustainability policies as they do in every country. Local developers are also willing to invest in new projects, and want ‘green’ buildings to remain competitive. Tebodin in Ukraine is not just an assessor but the first Green Designer, Project-, and Construction Manager. In comparison to an assessor who fixes compliance/
non-compliance with the general requirements, Green Designer is an ‘application provider’ of sustainable requirements balancing within the top-notch practice and optimization of client’s costs helping the client to select the best option for investments considering and energy effectiveness with reducing the maintenance costs, current and future environment impact.

Initiating training programs
The first BREEAM buildings are now under construction in Ukraine. For Denys Tantsyura, lead Health, Safety and Environment Consultant, at Tebodin, these are exciting times. ‘There is no background or practice to lean on locally. None of the parties involved had practical experience in sustainable building, least of all the local designers and contractors. We initiated for contractors BREEAM training programs, including lessons learned for the past period. Within a few months we felt the influence from these training programs and improvements in the construction culture. We are still facing issues with the perception of BREEAM requirements, but the situation is improving constantly.’

Changing mentality
Elena Kuts, Project Manager at Tebodin’s Kiev office, agrees: ‘What is great about green building projects is that it is changing the mentality of local construction market players: developers, designers, constructors and equipment  suppliers. Through setting BREEAM requirements in tenders and documentation for contractors, we gradually change their philosophy and practice. But the same is happening with us as well!’