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Oil & Gas

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Shell Group

Shell Group

Project: Retail outlets
Location: 13 countries

Program management including permitting, engineering, design, procurement, supervision and handover for the realization of retail 4,500 outlets in 13 countries.


EU Delegation to Ukraine

EU Delegation to Ukraine

Project: New cross border gas metering stations
Location: Belarus, Moldava and Ukraine

For the new cross border gas metering stations utilizing ultra sonic flow measurement, Tebodin offered technical assistance, management and engineering services. This project was part of the Tasis Inogate program, which is an international energy co-operation programme between the European Union (EU), the littoral states of the Black and Caspian seas and their neighbouring countries.


Petroleum Ltd (British Virgin Islands)

Petroleum Ltd (British Virgin Islands)

Project: LPG Terminal
Location: Kerch, Ukraine

Technical audit in order to study the basic conditions which may influence further development of site.

JV Poltava Petroleum Company

JV Poltava Petroleum Company

Project: Construction of storage for liquid petroleum gas
Location: Poltava region, Ukraine

Poltava Petroleum Company (‘PPC’), the wholly-owned subsidiary of British JKX, is one of the largest non-state producers of oil and gas in Ukraine. In 2010 PPC initiated project intended for production and sales of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) at the central production facility. The facilities included: tank park, lorry-loading stations, LPG complete odorizing unit, emergency flare / vent systems, piping, auxiliary facilities.Tebodin scope: Detail Design and author supervision during construction (2010 - 2011).





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