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Accelerated pharma services approach in Russia

Accelerated pharma services approach in Russia

The pharma industry in Russia is one of the most rapidly developing markets, and in the last two decades, many companies built new facilities and reconstructed existing plants.

‘A strong development in the generics market, in the formulation and finished products market and a fast upcoming biopharmaceuticals market with e.g. antibiotics and insulin, are the main developments we monitor for pharma in Russia’, concludes Ms. Tatiana Efimova, Business Developer for Bilfinger Tebodin in Russia, who recently conducted a Russian pharma market study report.

Pharma 2020 strategy
‘Between 2010 and 2014, Russia’s pharma industry witnessed a record number of mergers & acquisitions and greenfield investments. The economic sanctions against the country increases concerns of pharma executives, slowing down these greenfield investments of multinational pharmaceutical companies. But it also enhances strategic teaming with local contract manufacturing organizations. Hence, it did not stop investments in reconstruction, technology transfer and new production lines’, adds Tatiana. The Russian government developed a program called ‘Pharma 2020 strategy’, to create an independent supply of medicines in Russia and to stimulate this technology transfer and production capacity. The government is providing subsidies for investors in the pharma industry to reach their strategic targets.

Boost pharma activities
Being agile and to achieve a strong position in the pharmaceutical market, Bilfinger Tebodin decided to boost activities in the coming years. Mr. Dragan Stepic was engaged to further develop the local pharma core team, besides partnering with teams from Central and North West Europe. Dragan was previously involved in initiating the pharma team in Serbia and has extensive experience in the Russian market. Dragan: ‘The strategy is to position our brand on the Russian market offering pharmaceutical companies a full service range of engineering and consultancy services, including multi-disciplinary pharma specialized EPCm services, in conceptual and final design, and qualification/validation services’.

International support
Based upon international success on a global level, Bilfinger Tebodin’s Director Global Pharmaceutical Projects Mr. Niek de Koning will guide the Russian team to next levels. ‘The successful performance of our pharmaceutical core teams in other countries is a valuable asset in exchanging knowledge. The Russian team is able to instantly form and create multinational expertise teams, to meet specific clients’ needs’, explains Niek de Koning. ‘In the coming years we will demonstrate that our Russian pharma core team will be recognized as professional adding value partners’, concludes Dragan Stepic.

Published in World, issue May 2016

From the left: Tatiana Efimova,Niek de Koning and Oksana Cherinko.