Major incident management - the key to survive a crisis

In the light of the COVID-19 virus, organizations are affected by a deluge of problems. According to research by the Dutch bank ING, the sectors of transport, catering and industry will be hit the hardest. 

How business shall behave in the current situation to stay stable and go through it smoothly? We are all in one boat, and there is something you should know to ensure company sustainability.


The 'new normal' way of working

The Covid-19 crisis has the world in its grip. We are already witnessing a massive impact on both global health and economic welfare. Industrial production is less effective and, in some cases, even impossible.

In order to prevent an even deeper fall into economic recession after the Covid-19 crisis, individual companies need to make preparations to resume business again.


The Green HAZOP, a safety study at distance

As a corona virus precaution, more and more companies are reconsidering the necessity for face-to-face meetings and travel. Can meetings be held via online platforms? Are these journeys necessary? 

Bilfinger Tebodin has noticed that our experience gained in earlier workshops, referred to as the Green HAZOP, are very useful in these times. 


Creative juggling in times of crisis – consultancy management to the test!

When a crisis like COVID-19 occurs, you are confronted with the unknown. You didn’t think it would come to the moment that the crisis was knocking at your door, and suddenly your business is submerged into a complete new world with parameters yet to be discovered. 

Here are some insights from Bilfinger Tebodin Consultancy management team, on how they responded when the COVID-19 knocked at our door. Let it be of help to you!


COVID-19 safe methodology created by Bilfinger Tebodin to perform HAZOP/ LOPA and BOW-TIE's online: