Compliance, quality and safety

The health and safety of everyone who works for and with us, the impact of our operations in the communities and environment we work in and top quality service lie at the core of our mission and values.

We aim to reduce any impact on people, the communities, and the environment to zero. ‘We never compromise on integrity and safety’.

We have integrated our health, safety, environment and quality approach in one policy statement as we believe that delivering quality requires a common approach, using the same general principles, of all we do.

Along with our quality, safety and environment obligations we have additional supportive guidance in the form of a code of conduct. It sets our approach to doing business the right way.

Compliance at Bilfinger is top priority


Bilfinger Tebodin offices are ISO 9001 (quality management system) certified and many offices are ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certified as well. Some offices underwent a successful recertification by means of an external third-party audit.

The occupational health and safety management system - which is a key instrument for reducing and controlling risks - is based on the internationally recognized ISO 45001 standard. All Bilfinger Tebodin offices are ISO 45001 certified.