Bilfinger Tebodin in Central Europe

Design and engineering services for industrial projects

Design and engineering services for industrial projects

In general, Bilfinger Tebodin’s key strength is to design a fully functional facility around the process equipment provided by the client. We will take care of providing the required utilities to the process equipment, as well as designing the building around the facilities in compliance with client requirements and local regulations.

In addition to this, for some industries we have expertise on the core process in-house.

These industries include for example:

  • Automotive – tire manufacturing
  • Pharma – production
  • Food and Beverage – beer brewing industry

In order to execute these design activities, our teams consist of the following disciplines:

  • Architecture
  • Civil and Structural design
  • Infrastructure (roads, drainage, gas connection, sewerage)
  • Electrical (connection to the grid, as well as small power)
  • Building services (HVAC systems)
  • Building Management System
  • Process (for utilities such as water, (compressed) air, nitrogen, etc), including the piping design
  • Process (for manufacturing, for example for tire production)
  • Fire protection