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Complex management services for diverse investment projects

Bilfinger Tebodin is a leading consultancy and engineering company on the Polish market, employing over 300 engineers in offices in Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznan. Our team consists of project managers, consultants, engineers (in all disciplines including process technology), procurement and cost experts and construction managers. With an extensive network of offices we offer our clients integrated engineering/consulting services and practical knowledge combined with knowledge of local conditions, international labor standards and an individual approach. In this way we can ensure a smooth execution of projects both large and small scale, single or multi-disciplinary.
We are active in a wide range of markets:

  • Industrial buildings including automotive, machinery, electronics, consumer goods
  • Health & Nutrition including pharma production plants, medical devices, food production plants, breweries, distilleries, agro production plants
  • Energy & Environment: waste to energy plants, power & heat plants for city or factory purpose, energy efficiency and audits, LEED and BREEAM certification
  • Chemicals including process units for organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Oil & Gas: HP pipelines, reduction & measurement stations, gas processing plant including compression, expansion and treatment
  • Property including offices, hotels, shopping centers and logistics buildings

We support our clients at every stage of their investment by offering a broad range of services such as consulting, design, project management, procurement organization, construction and costs management. 

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Some references

Some references in Poland
Valeo Autosystemy Sp. z o.o.

Valeo Autosystemy Sp. z o.o.

Project: Expansion of the Wiper Plant hall
Location: Skawina, Poland

Valeo Autosystemy Sp. z o.o. invested in the expansion of the existing Wiper Plant hall. The expansion consisted of a production facility, laboratory, warehouse, office and a social part along with the associated technical infrastructure and installations: water - sewage with the storage reservoir of rain water, electric, gas, heating and ventilation, transformer station and communication road with the function of the fire route and pedestrian walkway.

Scope of work:
contracts engineer, inspector of site supervision, control of procets costs.

Gestamp Polska Sp. z o.o.

Gestamp Polska Sp. z o.o.

Project: Reconstruction of the existing plant and expansion of the production hall
Location: Września, Poland

The reconstruction of the existing plant concerns a new technology space. The expansion of the production hall included a new hall with an area of over 20 000 m2, together with the adjacent infrastructure. The project will be carried out without stopping a production.

Tebodin's scope of work consisted of project management, technical support in the tender for the scope of installation, verification of design documentation, multidiscipline site supervision over the construction works.

Balmoral Properties

Balmoral Properties

Project: Reconstruction of 'Browar Lubicz' 
Location: Cracow, Poland

The project involves the reconstruction and expansion of the former brewery at  Lubicz 17th Street for residential and service purposes. In the existing building, residential and services buildings, an office building, and a multi underground garage were constructed. Also redesign of the landscape was part of the project.

Tebodin's scope of work consisted of multidiscipline site supervision, Deputy Project Manager and Project Administrator during the implementation of the investment project entitled .: 'Browar Lubicz - complex of  residential-office-service buildings at Lubicz 17th Street / Arms Street' - Phase I

The Tides Property Group S.A. Sp.k.

The Tides Property Group S.A. Sp.k.

Project: New hotel and office building complex
Location: Warsaw, Poland

The Tides is a modern office and hotel complex, offering over 11,000 m2 of office space. An other part of the complex is the WTW building, offering training facilities and office space. The whole complex is located at Wioslarska Street, just at the bank of Vistula river in Warsaw.

Thee scope of work consisted of conducting a tender, project management, site supervision and costs management.

Unilever Polska S.A.

Unilever Polska S.A.

Project: Expansion of Liquid Soup Production Department and Resources Warehouse (Refrigerator, Cold) in the Production Plant of Unilever
Location: Poznan, Poland

Scope of work: development of the long-term concept of the Production Plant of Unilever expansion in Poznań on the basis of the Investor’s guidelines, consultations on technical and administrative procedures, carrying out tender to select a General Contractor, construction management, multidiscipline site supervision, health and safety service.

Tebodin in Poland is working with Unilever Polska S.A. Production Plant in Poznan from several years. Cooperation is based on providing services related to technical consultations, design and investment management. Currently realized project is a proof of trust and a positive assessment of cooperation so that we can consider Unilever Poland S.A. Production Plant in Poznan as recurrent customer of Tebodin. 

Unilever started operating January 1, 1930, after a merger of Dutch Margarine Unie and British Lever Brothers becoming one of the largest industrial concerns in Europe. Currently, Unilever is a global company, which has plants located throughout the world.

In Poland, Unilever began operating before World War II when he became the owner of shares of several factories in Poland, producing i.a.: margarine, oils, soaps, detergents. In 1991 after several years of absence, Unilever has returned to Poland. Currently the company has four manufacturing divisions: detergents and cosmetics division in Bydgoszcz (brands: Domestos, Cif, Dove, Rexona), manufacturing facility in Poznan producing culinary products, Knorr products, Hellmann's and Amino, as well as products offered for Unilever Food solutions gastronomy, plant in Katowice producing margarine and packaging facilities (including Lipton) and a plant in Banino near Gdansk producing ice cream (including Algida). In total, Unilever employs in Poland approximately 3,500 employees.