Bilfinger Tebodin in Central Europe

Czech Republic

Engineering, consultancy and project management for investments projects

Bilfinger Tebodin in Czech Republic is a leading consultancy and engineering company on the Czech market. With our offices in  Prague, Pardubice and Ostrava we are covering whole territory of Czech Republic. Our team is providing high quality services already for more than half a century. A significant part of our business are international projects. These projects are often performed with other Bilfinger Tebodin offices or with Bilfinger sister companies or on independent basis. Our global spread comprises Europe, Middle East and America. Our team consist of more than 200 specialists including project managers, consultants, engineers (in all disciplines including process technology), procurement and cost experts, construction managers, safety supervisors and sustainable experts.

We are active in a wide range of markets:

  • Industrial buildings including automotive, machinery, electronics, consumer goods
  • Health and Nutrition including pharma production plants, medical devices, food production plants, breweries, distilleries, agro production plants
  • Energy & Environment: waste to energy plants, power & heat plants for city or factory purpose, energy efficiency and audits, LEED and BREEAM certification
  • Chemicals including process units for organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Oil & Gas: HP pipelines, reduction & measurement stations, gas processing plant including compression, expansion and treatment
  • Infrastructure including industrial zones and long distance pipelines
  • Property including offices, hotels, shopping centers and logistics buildings 
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Some references

Some references in Czech Republic
Olympus Winter

Olympus Winter

Project: Technological Center Olympus Winter & Ibe
Location: Přerov, Czech Republic

Near to the existing Olympus service center in Přerov, was build new technological Olympus Winter & Ibe center.  Tebodin Czech Republic was preparing the EIA document, Planning Permit document, Building Permit document as well as ensuring the permitting process.  After the technological center Honeywell in Brno, this is the second building of this type in The Czech Republic where our organization participated on its creation. 

Energy saving of building of technological center for developing and service of endoscopes
EPCm services - EIA, planning permit documentation, building permit documentation, tender documentation, procurement, construction management


IKO Sales International

IKO Sales International

Project: New production hall for Asphalt shingel
Location: Senica, Slovakia

Scope of work

  • Site selection
  • IA
  • Planning permit documentation
  • Building permit documentation
  • Project construction plan
  • Consultations during basic design
  • Project documentation for the pipeline
  • Procurement
  • Construction management
  • Author and technical supervision
  • HSE
  • Assistance in customs clearance of foreign goods
  • Coordination of occupancy permit procedure during trial operation


Project: Příkopy 14
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

It is a corner plot on the corner of a street Panská and Na Příkopě in Prague, Czech Republic. The building is part of the historic block of houses in the downtown area, former bank building.

During the reconstruction is expected to restore the original object A (corner building on the street Na Příkopě) with partial adaptation dispositions for office and retail space. Object B (connedct to building A in Panská street) will be newly constructed, excluding facade, and be used for retail spaces, administration and parking. After this reconstruction the object will have in total  8 floors above ground (ground floor, 1P - 7P) and 5 underground floors (ground floor, 1 to 4 basement). In the basement will be placed automatic parking system for 150 cars. Floor area of 25.500 square meters project.



Crestyl Group

Crestyl Group


Project: DOCK V1, s.r.o.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


Scope of work
LEED consultant
LEED GOLD certificate ensuring


Period of performance
06/2012 - 2013

Basis project
Project is located in Libeň existing brownfield site. The project includes an administrative building of 8 floors and 2 underground floors. The total floor area is 14,299 square meters.

Scope of work
Tebodin provides complete services for the project to meet LEED GOLD certification, ie. registration of the project, preparation of certification documentation and final certification.




Project: Production plant for metal car parts
Location: Gouzeaucourt, France

Scope of work
EPCm project, basic design, tender documentation, procurement, technical supervision, time schedule monitoring, coordination of change orders


Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka, a.s.

Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka, a.s.

Project: New warehouse of finished products
Location: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Scope of work

  • Project documentation
  • procurement
  • tender
  • construction management

Sports and recreational facilities of Ostrava city, sro

Project: Reconstruction of the main entrance - ticket office
Location: City of Ostrava, the Municipal District Poruba, Czech Republic

The documentation solves a reconstruction of the entrance area and the existing administrative building of one of the largest natural swimming pools in Central Europe in Ostrava Vřesina. The concept is based on maximum utilization of the potential of the existing building and related spatial areas, with efforts to implement the least possible interference with minimum expenditure of funds.

The dominant of entrance area, and even the whole building is newly designed, ambitious entrance portal. The aim was to create an open space entry, inducing a feeling of easy and clear orientation.
An indispensable point of the proposal was the proposal of modernization and optimization of visitor facilities and administration premises according to applicable standards, current trends and actual needs of the operation.

Design features and specific construction materials were selected with consideration to already reconstructed object.

Moravia Gas Storage a.s.

Moravia Gas Storage a.s.

Project: Underground Gas Storage Dambořice
Location: Dambořice, Czech Republic

Basic technological design, engineering-geological project, planning permit documentation, tender documentation for compressor drying  units, building permit documentation, as-built documentation, system analysis, project of complex testing.

Mitas, a.s.

Mitas, a.s.

Project: New production plant for agricultural and offroad tires
Location: Otrokovice, Czech Republic

Scope of work: EIA, documentation for planning and building permit documentation, contractor selection, technological project, tender, construction management


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