Gediminas Jastrumskis

The Netherlands
Structural Designer

I will always remember my first steps into Bilfinger Tebodin. There I was, a 3rd year HBO Civil Engineering student, 2 months late and struggling to find an engineering internship. After 3 conversations to our dear HR colleague Nienke, I finally received a reaction. A department manager called me on my birthday, at the moment where I was knee deep in salt marsh on a tidal flat setting up a research facility for one of universities PHD students. With muddy hands I finally managed to grab my phone and I heard that I am invited for an interview. I cannot describe how happy I was at that moment.

From the first day at Bilfinger Tebodin I felt very welcome. After a few introductory days I dived into an environment of Structural Designing. Fast forward to an end of a phase of dual student and graduation intern at Bilfinger Tebodin, I knew that this is the company where I will have an opportunity to enjoy challenging and ever-changing projects. Once I received an offer to join the team full time after my graduation, I seized the opportunity to indulge myself into the multidisciplinary world of Bilfinger Tebodin which I so enjoyed during my internships.

Now I am working full time as a Structural Design Engineer and BIM modeller. My daily activities consist of 3D modelling of industrial structures and drafting technical drawings, coordinating design with other disciplines, participating in design reviews. Besides that, I like to indulge myself into the programme for development of BIM tools used by Structural disciplines. I believe that the key characteristic necessary at my work is communication and awareness – being conscious of how other disciplines affect my design and vice versa - how my decisions influence others. And of course ensuring that everything is communicated well.

Therefore, smooth team-work at Bilfinger Tebodin is essential. And I enjoy the way our company ensures that. I am close with my colleagues because of an ability to get to know them better in a relaxed environment of Young Bilfinger Tebodin activities, trips and the PV/department outings and other events. There are a lot of great people working at Bilfinger Tebodin and having a close relationship to my colleagues allows me to learn and develop within the company exponentially.

I see more and more that at Bilfinger Tebodin your daily life and your career path is completely in your own hands. It is a pleasure to have this opportunity. I notice that with the months going by within the company, I am getting involved in our Digitalization goals. Besides mastering 3D Scanning and Virtuar Reality tools, my role is developing more towards BIM engineering and I receive extra tasks to coordinate and communicate with other disciplines more and more. This is what inspires me – solving challenges together with people of different backgrounds and I feel like I thrive in such multidisciplinary environment.

All in all, it is a pleasure to be a part of Bilfinger Tebodin and I feel privileged to have such an enjoyable and yet excitingly challenging work environment where endless opportunities are available.


Gediminas Jastrumskis