Bilfinger Tebodin B.V.

Bilfinger Tebodin Academy

Bilfinger Tebodin Academy

Bilfinger Tebodin values the development and growth of its people. Employees can get both professional and personal training at the Tebodin Academy.

The Academy has compiled programs for every technical discipline within Bilfinger Tebodin, combining internal and external courses. Enthusiastic and experienced staff share their knowledge and technical committees seek out relevant courses and institutions.

For personal development, the Academy offers language courses, communication training, personal efficiency, and management programs - with room for your own suggestions. Personalized programs help you grow within the organization.

Besides these personalized programs, Bilfinger Tebodin also offers three different career path programs:

  • Project management career path
  • Technical career path
  • General management career path

For each career path we offer an international training program for which you can be nominated by your manager. Employees under 35 can be nominated for the intensive Young Talent Program. The Project Management Program is for experienced multi-disciplinary project managers while management potential can be nominated for the Bilfinger Tebodin Management program. Technical experts can be selected to participate in the High Professional Program.

Whatever your age or professional level, Bilfinger Tebodin Academy offers a challenging training program.