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A global operator of datacenters was planning substantial investments to maintain its current TIER 3 availability. Using detailed FMECA / RAM analysis we proved not only that the planned investment did not increase the availability, but showed 6 alternative options to do so, while reducing the planned investment with 75%!

Rockwool wanted to show the true costs of insulation to their clients. We investigated the social costs of noise pollution and the costs of fires and fire insurance, and found they run into billions of euros in the Netherlands alone. We developed a value model which clarifies all benefits and costs to the users.

Changing pattern dies was a time-consuming and costly part of operation for a renowned fabric brand factory. Drawing on experience in this and other industries, our consultants have brought the exchange time down to a single minute thus increasing productivity and lowering cost.

These are just some examples of the results our consultants can realize, with a fresh look at growth and integrated services.

Today’s markets are fast-paced and increasingly global. Whether you are a newcomer or an established player, growing your business means innovating, before your competitor does. As experienced consultants and engineers, we know your industry, and can draw on experience in other areas. We bring high-end technologies into practice on a daily basis.

Let us make innovation work for you