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Press release: Tebodin becomes Bilfinger Tebodin

February 13, 2018

A stronger global brand in consultancy and engineering

As from February 13, 2018 the consultancy and engineering firm Tebodin will operate under the name Bilfinger Tebodin. This name change emphasizes that Tebodin is an integral part of industrial services provider Bilfinger SE. Bilfinger acquired Tebodin in 2012 to strengthen its engineering business

Based on a long-standing reputation as global independent consultants and engineers, with local execution, Bilfinger Tebodin fulfils an essential key role in Bilfinger’s overall strategy. With a strong focus on the further development of its global business, Bilfinger Tebodin can offer their clients a broader range of services.

Strong global brand
Bilfinger Tebodin CEO Niels van Rhenen: ‘Our close cooperation within the strong Bilfinger network gives us the opportunity to anticipate client demands even more proactively. We will further drive our ambition to become a stronger global brand in consultancy and engineering, including project- and construction management.’

Broad scope of services
Bilfinger Tebodin offers a broad scope of independent services, covering all phases of a project: from initiation to completion, in six main industrial markets. Niels van Rhenen: ‘The talents and knowledge within our global organization help to differentiate us from competitors, based on the additional services we can deliver as part of the Bilfinger Group.‘

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